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Added information about the release of The Deception at Lyme in paperback.

Added Carrie's interview with Jungle Red Writers to the Latest News page.

Il sesto romanzo della serie delle Indagini di Mr. e Mrs. Darcy: Inganno e persuasione, o: La sventurata di Lyme, è appena apparso in Italia edito dalla TEA.

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"Behold me going to write you as handsome a Letter as I can. Wish me good luck."
Jane Austen, writing to her brother Frank

The Deception at Lyme
In the Darcys' latest adventure, our favorite Regency couple enters the world of Austen's Persuasion, where their seaside holiday is disrupted by two suspicious deaths: those of an unknown woman they discover at the base of Lyme's famous seawall, and of a young naval lieutenant—Mr. Darcy's cousin—allegedly killed in action aboard a ship fraught with conspiracy. Aided by newlyweds Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot, the Darcys uncover secrets that many in Lyme would prefer remain hidden . . . while Mr. Darcy's sister, Georgiana, finally finds romance.


. . . and thank you for visiting my online home. Here you will find details and news about me, my books, and more. I am best known for my Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery series, in which the married Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice become entangled in intrigue with other Austen characters. While most of the website focuses on that series, I also write other fiction and nonfiction, and wear several additional hats (editor, writing instructor, speaker), so information about those endeavors is included here as well.

Thank you for your warm reception of my most recent novel, The Deception at Lyme (Or, The Peril of Persuasion). Readers and reviewers alike have praised the sixth Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery as my best book yet, and I am pleased to announce that a new trade paperback edition was recently released. The novel is also available in hardcover and ebook formats, as an audiobook (CD, cassette, Playaway, and digital download), and in Italian translation. For more about The Deception at Lyme, including a synopsis, excerpt, publication details, and photographs from my research trip to Lyme, click here or on the book cover to your right. Additional information about the audio and Italian editions can be found on the latest news and Italian pages.

Now that I have written one corresponding mystery for each of Jane Austen’s six full-length novels, many readers have asked me whether the series will continue. Indeed, yes! I am presently writing the seventh Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery, in which the Darcys visit another seaside village: Sanditon. There, they encounter the cast of eccentric, amusing characters who captured Jane Austen’s imagination in her final days. The mystery is based on the unfinished manuscript Austen was writing when she died, and working on it—reading Austen’s developing story in her own handwriting, and speculating about her intentions for the characters she created—has been both a challenge and a joy. The book is tentatively scheduled for release in 2014. Its title is not quite finalized, but as soon as it is, I will announce it here.

Carrie with Andrew Davis
One of the highlights of my book tour for The Deception at Lyme was speaking at the national conference of the Jane Austen Society of North America in Fort Worth, Texas. While there, I had the unexpected pleasure of not only meeting legendary screenwriter Andrew Davies, but being his dance partner for the Texas Two-Step!

I continue to travel around the country for speaking engagements, and I enjoy every opportunity to meet readers and aspiring writers. This winter and spring will find me in Ohio leading off this year’s annual Marysville Author Series and teaching a writing workshop at the James Thurber House, in Pennsylvania delivering a presentation at the Pittsburgh Jane Austen Festival, and in Wisconsin, where The Deception at Lyme has been chosen as the 2013 Community Read in the lakeshore city of Sheboygan. Be sure to visit the events page for details, and to see whether any of my other upcoming presentations, writing workshops, or other programs will bring me to your area. I very much hope we have an opportunity to meet in person!

Do have a look around the website—indeed, make yourself at home, for I hope you will return often to read the latest news. Check out the FAQ page for answers to the questions I receive most often, and if you are not already subscribed to my e-newsletter, sign up to ensure that you receive periodic updates and subscriber bonuses. If you are so inclined, drop me a note to let me know you stopped by. Hearing from readers always makes my day!

I remain—

Yours most sincerely,



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